Zip Bed – Making Bed Made Easy, Just Zip It Up!


Italian company Florida Furniture has designed a super cool bed for those who are lazy in making up bed every morning. Zip Bed is being introduced as one of the bed that featuring a bed cover zipped all around the bed frame and it can be easily unzipped to reveal the cozy comfort bed with pillows and sheets.



If you are even lazier, you can just open the zip half way, and hide yourself into the bed. It looks very promising for office worker that always have a extra laboring time and doesn’t want to be disturbed by a messy bed after waking up. It’s as easy as zipping up and you see a tidy big comfy faceless bed!


This Zip Bed is available in three color choices, including white, gray and blue. Visit Florida Furniture if you need more information about ordering one.


[via Trendir]

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