HP Palm Pre 2 To Go Direct Sales To Customers


The HP Palm Pre 2 which recently teased as the fastest Palm smartphone in the history has been confirmed by Tim Pettitt, the Senior Projecto Manager of Palm that the smartphone will take a different route by offering a direct sales to customers without tying themselves up with any mobile carrier in the US.

So if you’ve found yourself having too many contract with mobile carriers, HP is going to let your free from such a tie with them. The Palm Pre 2 can be purchased at a selected place or via their online web store.

The Palm Pre 2 is the fastest smartphone, thanks to the 1GHz CPU, and other amazing specs that allow multitasking on a phone. The touchscreen also protected with the sturdy Gorilla Glass, and boy you can surf the web in safety by hooking up with network with extra security (WPA, WPA2, WEP or 802.1X authentication).

However, since it’s not subsidized or having any contract to sign, you’ll obviously paying higher upfront. It’s just like purchasing house without mortgage. It’s so expensive that you wish to find some service to lower down the price. Well, if you still love to tie yourself up with another 2-year contract, HP still providing the locked version of Palm Pre 2 through mobile carrier where you will usually asked to sign for contract with monthly plan.

[via Coated, Gadgetsteria]

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