oStylus iPad Capacitive Pen Is Now Available!

After waiting for awhile, the oStylus iPad capacitive pen is now up for order at $37.5 price mark. It certainly not an expensive pen consider how well it can writing on the iPad surface. We’ve been amazed by the capability and how accurate the ring can draw or filling colors.


The website of oStylus capacitive pen has revealed the full specs of the pen, which is as follow:

  • Contact O made from a single piece of stainless steel with a beautiful matte finish
  • Titanium wire connection has been simplified for a more streamlined look and smoother pivot action
  • Solid aluminum handle has a sandblasted matte finish for a better feel in your hand
  • Smooth contact with the screen – thin vinyl layer – no scratching
  • Visually compatible with the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  • This oStylus model is partly machine-made, but still assembled and finished by hand in our studio.

With this oStylus capacitive Pen, drawing on small screen iPhone or other Android Tablet/smartphones (Galaxy Tab/Galaxy S) wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Check out the following video for the demonstration:

The greatest feature it has is the hollow in the middle of the ring. It will let you peak on the line being made on the screen in live state and you can determine where to land the pen to avoid mistake. It’s just like a crosshair in FPS games if you have ever played one.

So what are you waiting for? oStylus capacitive pen is now available at their oStylus official website.

[via iTechnews]

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