PS3 Slim Laptop Mod Is Now On Sale on eBay

If you wish to have one of the modded PS3 Slim laptop by Ben Heck’s forum user Low_budget, now you can have it. Just head on over to eBay, pay for the price, and you’ll get what you want.


The PS3 Slim laptop is currently on sale for $1,499, or your can start bidding for as low as $1,099! Wow, please don’t surprised by the price. The laptop has not only included the Sony PS3 Slim 250GB console, it also featuring custom modded laptop container for the machine, including new ASUS 19 in 1440 x 900 LED monitor, temperature controlled fan speed for quiet operation, 2 watt stereo amp and speakers and more. Of course, since it’s the world’s only one PS3 Slim laptop mod done by Low_budget, you won’t find a similar one in the near future and you can consider it as a limited edition type of investment. :)

[Ebay Via UberGizmo]

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