Table Connect iPhone Desk Video Is Live, But It Looks Fake


Finally, after waiting for two days since the last post we mentioned about Table Connect, the video demonstration is up. That Table Connect sure looks great because you can interact with the table just like on your iPhone. swipe movement, sensitive touchscreen, zoom, pan, etc. Check out the video below for the details:

Looks interesting, right? However, someone comments at the video over at Youtube and their blogspot website has spotted something strange.

Rewind the video above and go to the 0:15 position. Exactly when he was trying to launch the dedicated apps, his other finger pressed on the sleep/off button to switch the screen off. This means that the screen blackout in the iPhone is not due to the Apps setting or switching screen to the Table Connect. They merely putting the iPhone to sleep so they can pretend ‘as if’ the application has working properly.


There is a high possibility that the Table Connect demo video is not real (rendered) but we cannot judge further before hearing any explanation from the creator themselves. Since the device is under development, we can understand that they just want to let the world know about how well the device will work when the actual product has launched. Good luck with the development, iPhone users might really want to have such thing placed in their office.

[via SlashGear, MacStories]

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