Thanko Laptop Bag Double As Your Portable Laptop Desk

How about having a cool laptop bag that could transform into a laptop desk in instant so you can use your laptop geekily while waiting in the airport’s waiting room? I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly sounds very nice for me!


This is the latest laptop bag from Thanko that has a built-in Portable laptop desk hidden at the rear compartment of the laptop bag. Inside the rear storage, you can find a sturdy extensible aluminum legs that you can unfold and extend into four feet standing strong on the floor while your laptop safely kept inside the bag and accessible by your hands.

Now you have your personal desk wherever you go without begging for some seat in the crowded cafe. However, the only disadvantage for users is the weight. It will add around 2.7 kg to the total weight of your laptop and stuffs, which mean you’ll have to workout your hand a bit if you are planning to do a long walk.

Thanko Laptop Bag is available for the equivalent price of $75 at Japanese Thanko site.

[via Gizmodo]

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