Canine Twitterer USB Twitter Gadget for Dogs – Now Your Best Friend Can Tweets

If you are agree dogs as human’s best friends, you might want to let your “best friends” to have their own twitter accounts too. Twitter is very popular right now, and creating accounts for your dogs have nothing to lose except for your time. However, once it’s set up this Canine Twitterer to your dog, your dogs can also join the world and speak out their minds!


Well, I doubt they’ll ever understand how twitter works, just consider it as a fun gadget for dressing your dog and another way to spam twitter with 500 pre-defined tweets in the machine!

A motion sensor and microphone in the tag interprets your pet’s activity (or lack thereof) and selects an appropriate canine-centric message from one of 500 pre-loaded tweets.

Tweets are sent from the tag to a USB receiver plugged into your computer up to 100′ away that automatically posts them to the Twitter account you’ve set up for your dog. Messages such as “It might look like I’m just sleeping, but I’m also working on my tan” or “Having my daily workout. Already did 15 leg lifts!” entertain dog lovers while lifting the veil on how a dog passes its time.


Oh, isn’t that adorable?! This Canine Twitterer USB Twitter gadget for dog is available for $29.95 at Hammacher. Get one if you wish your dogs to tweets like the blue birds, or at least dress them with a nice looking dog tag. :)

[via GeekAlerts and Coolest Gadgets]

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