Gigabyte Booktop T1125 Convertible Tablet (video)

It’s just impossible to be an unique purple cow in the market for long time now. Even the Dell’s Hybrid tablet/netbook (Inspiron Mini Duo) it very unique with the geekiest twist, Gigabyte has also coming up with their own cool Tablet/notebook hybrid that has a higher performance then Dell’s version.


This is the Gigabyte Booktop T1125, it uses the old-fashioned convertible method to turn notebook into a tablet PC, unlike Dell’s Inspiron Duo with its swiveling rotation inside the frame. This tablet notebook hybrid is going to empowered by Intel Core i5 or i3 ULV processors, and it will be coming with the coolest NVIDIA Optimus technology where increasing performance won’t decrease the battery life.

The Booktop T1125 convertible tablet aslo featuring the latest USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output port, THX-certified speakers system, and optimized sound performance with four dual-channel stereo speakers.


This Gigabyte Booktop T1125 convertible tablet also can be turned into a secondary display when docked on the desktop docking station. It’s quite promising, we can find this Gigabyte Booktop T1125 convertible tablet in store on November starting from around $1,299 soon.

[Engadget via GeekyGadgets]

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