Gigabyte Cranks Out New M6980 Macro and M6900 Precision Gaming Mice

Gigabyte who’ve been manufacturing quality tablet and PC peripherals has just introduced a pair of new Gaming mouse with amazing gaming features. This pair looks alike for the outer design with blue (M6980) and red (M6900) distinguishable color illuminations.


Gigabyte M6980 gaming mouse has seven-button ergonomic laser mouse, all customizable, up to 7080 gaming grade fps, can switch DPI setting on-the-fly, has 4-way scrolling, and the best of all, it the special function from Gigabyte called GHOST macro engine. This GHOST macro engine is all about the capability of storing up user profile settings into the mouse, to the onboard memory built-in this M6980 mouse. Up to 3 users profile can be store to the 8KB memory.

Meanwhile, Gigabyte M6900 Precision gaming mouse has no GHOST macro engine. It’s a common gaming mouse with programmable five-button, 30G acceleration for rapid movement tracking, 3200dpi optical sensor, on-the-fly DPI switching, and 2 way tilt-wheel. Gigabyte M6900 Precision gaming mouse is designed for FPS gamers.

No news when these Gigabyte M6980 Macro and M6900 Precision gaming mice would strike the market yet.

[Via Gigabyte]

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