Light Peak 10GB/s Transfer Technology Coming In 2011 To Crush USB 3.0


Light Peak Data Transfer Technology, a technology developed by Intel with Apple support is going to hit the manufacturing period on the next year 2011. This Light Peak will make USB 3.0 obsolete before USB 3.0 interface reaching its golden age like USB 2.0. The reason is simply the transfer speed that turn USB 3.0 into a child play, where USB 3.0 can run at the speed of 5Gbps, Light Peak sports 10GB per second transfer speed that we can consider it as the faster transfer rate of the history.

The one that will use this technology immediately on 2011 might be Apple on their new Macbook/iMac or on their iPad 2nd Generation. no one could tell what’s hidding in Steve Jobs’ sleeve up to date with their new iPad 2, so we can consider Light Peak might be one of the feature that the company will use to enhance the transfer speed.

We should be able to hear a good news about this technology in the next year CES 2011 expo. I can’t wait to see what’s Intel and Apple is up to with this Light Peak transfer technology.

[CNET Via 9to5 Mac]

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