Microsoft Kinect Launched! Have You Got Yours?

Finally, after a bit of waiting since June when we first heard about the name of Kinect, now the device has launched!


It’s been sold widely in many online retailers including Newegg, Amazon and which all pricing set on stone at $149.99. This price is the value that you have to pay to get the new revolutionary wireless controller (where YOU are the Controller!) plus one free game “Kinect Adventures”.

We have done a quite complete of Kinect coverage so I invite you to dig into the archive of Kinect if you want to look at the history. For all the details and the review, Engadget who’s lucky enough to get their first real test out with the real Kinect (sent to them 1 week ago) has written a lengthy (but useful) review of this new Kinect. If you haven’t pre-order from the first place, you can read them as your guidance before jumping in.


The Kinect is available in several bundles, including the bundling with their beloved Xbox 360 Slim 4GB or Xbox 360 Slim 250GB, or you can get the Kinect alone with the free game.

You’d probably have no need to get the Xbox 360 slim if you have already got your own phat Xbox 360 console. So just get which one fit you the best and enjoy the next generation of motion controller without controller!

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