HP Retailing G62M Budget Laptop For This Year’s Strict Budget Tech Enthusiast


The new HP laptop codename G62M is a series that we can categorized as the budget laptop series that could be purchased as low as $429.99. It’s aiming for users who dislike netbook’s small screen and inferior performance when compare to the laptop specification.

The basic rigs of HP G62M budget laptop has already got a large 15.6-inch LED backlit display that support 1366 x 768, including Intel Celeron processor at 2.20Ghz (900, T3300 and T3500, at least it’s not Atom), 3GB RAM (4GB Max), 320GB HDD storage and internal graphic card (Intel GMA 4500M) supporting HDMI and VGA outputs.

Not to mention it also have WiFi, bluetooth, 8x DVD burner (or add some money to get the LightScribe version), memory card reader and Windows 7 Home Premium 7 64-bit. At $429.99, it’s really worth that much. If you are willing the fork out a little more cash from your treasure chest, you should be able to get a larger size of RAM and Storage, but no option to add extra speed for the CPU.

If you are interested, you can it now at HP Direct.

[via DeviceMag]

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