Spy T-Shirt: Secret Agent On Holidays Should Wear This

Yes, a secret agent that is on their holidays should wear this in case there are enemies nearby are on their private holidays too! You snaps hundreds of photos using the little camera hidden behind the cheerful looking T-shirt printing, and it’s hiding in a very obvious spot that nobody is going to notice it! Don’t trust me? Check it out below:


Hell, I won’t even notice a thing if no one telling me that’s a Spy T-Shirt with hidden camera behind it! :)

It’s what 007 wears on laundry day.

Even Mr. Bond has to have an off day when all his fancy duds are at the $1.50 Dry Cleaners and he’s down to his last pair of underpants. But just because his suit jackets are gone doesn’t mean he can’t hide fancy spy gadgets on his person. Before he drags out the t-shirts he wore while canvassing for decade-old political campaigns or his favorite band that broke up when he was in college, he goes for his old standby, the From Tokyo With Love Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.

It’s so deliciously obvious. Centered in the artwork on the shirt is the man himself, holding a camera to his face. But not just a picture of a camera. Hidden behind the soft cotton exterior is a fully-functioning spy camera. That’s right. Whatever your chest can see, the camera can see. A cable connects the camera to a small black box that fits discreetly in your pocket. Just reach in, press the button, and your shirt will capture the evidence before you.

Interested to buy this stealth spy gadget? It’s available at ThinkGeek for $39 only. Get one if you wish to snaps some pretty uptown chicks photos without actually looking at them to raise alerts!



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