Active Media Products Outs SaberTooth Z4 1.8-Inch SSD

When trying to upgrade the storage of your small computing gadgets such as Tablet PC or Netbook (as well as the slim Macbook Air), there is no much option for you. You either have to get the similar 1.8-inch HDD or SSD if you are aim for a better stability.

HDD should be easier to find, however, SSD is not available on 1.8-inch yet (if it’s available, we can consider it as a rare stuff). However, this problem has been solved by Active Mdisa Products.


They’ve just rolled out their own 1.8-inch IDE PATA ZIF SSD codenamed as SaberTooth Z4. This new SaberTooth Z4 PATA ZIF SSD is capable of fitting to lots of ultraportables like Macbook Air or tablet PC across many brand names like Acer, HP, Samsung and so on. As for the performance, SaberTooth Z4 is capable of reading at 80MB/s and writing sequential data at 38MB/s.

The SSD will be available in three models which are 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, with the price tag between $100 to $350.

If you are interested to do your upgrade now, you can find out more details at Active Media Products website.

[via PC Launches]

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