Color E-Ink Reader Landing To China


Though we have hope Nook from Barnes & Noble to comes with a revolutionary color e-ink display, but the fact is telling us that the company is not ready to jump on the new technology yet thanks to the instability and non-standard display technology for the moment. However, when we head over to China, Hanvon is going to start shipping soon for their first color E-Ink reader! That’s one step ahead of everyone and they might have prepare to take any risks that may occur on this new technology.

The screen is not made to direct competition with tablet PC or iPad, but it’s aiming to hit the ebook reader market and trying to be the purple cow of the competition by offering a color e-ink display. There is no news yet on how long the battery life is, but it should be able to sustain for weeks on single charge like the black and white e-ink technology.

Other then battery life, this Color E-ink reader from Hanvon is also capable of displaying vivid color display even under the direct sunlight. Is this another variation of Pixel Qi display? Well, we do hope it’s an improvement from the PQi technology where we can enjoy more hours of reading time per charge on the outdoor environment such as reading at the beach while doing your sunbathing.

Hanvon color e-ink reader is going to hit China on March 2011 for $440 per unit.

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