MintPass Dual Booting Tablet For 2011

One of the rising trend for next year is the dual booting tablet PC that would come with both Windows 7 and Android OS latest version in a single device. It’s a super convenient feature for tablet user as they are not limited to each OS and they can enjoy a lot more applications for the tablet.


MintPass’ MintPad tablet is also one of the dual booting tablet PC that will come out in 2011. Beside the dual booting feature, MintPass Tablet PC is coming with their own new touchscreen technology called Space Touch with dual screens that let you watch movie while surfing the web on the other screen. Kind of multitasking features that let you view two apps at a time.

MintPass MintPad tablet is currently awaiting for the Google Android Market certification so the device can lurk into the marketplace like any other Android tablet. However, there is no news yet whether it will get the certification, and the full specs of this MintPass MintPad Dual booting tablet stay undisclosed.

[via CNET]

UPDATE: Correction, the tablet is not MintPad. There is no actual name for the tablet PC yet.

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