Amazing Angry Birds Birthday Cake For the Fans

Are you fans of that pig blasting game Angry Birds? This game is super popular and downloaded million of times on its first launch day, so chance are, there are lots of fans out there that would very excited to get themselves a birthday cake like this:


Wow, super detail characters creation with nice looking color blending. I’m not sure if the cake is really edible and good for health or not since the coloring is a bit extreme. But it’s really a nice treat for die-hard fans’ that would love to collect or have anything related to those super-sturdy birds that could blast out the pigs’ castles with their body.

The Angry Birds Birthday Cake was made by a cool cake maker named A Richardson and the picture was spotted at Flickr stream by NerdApproved folks.

[NerdApproved via Geeky Gadgets]

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