Isabella Fable Rugged Tablet For Children

Isabella has just introduced us to their new rugged tablet that made exclusively for children for reading colorful comic books or bed time stories, drawing, learning, playing games and sharing with their friends.


The Tablet is known as ‘Fable’, kind of game-like naming but it’s certainly suitable for children with plethora of imagination cells in their brain. This Isabella Fable is coming with 7-inch touchscreen display, fully intractable and of course, it’s kid-proof. The tablet also offering the ability to access ebook and share photos through service, and parent can download new ebooks content directly from the online bookstore through 3G connectivity.

As I’ve mentioned just now. This Isabella Fable rugged tablet can be used as a learning tool for your kids because it has provided an education games that teaches children to draw shapes, learn about colors and providing short knowledge on food nutrition.

It sounds interesting for any parent that want their children to be hi-tech from the start. Isabella Fable Rugged tablet is going to hit the store next year 2011 (mid) for undisclosed price. Don’t worry It shouldn’t be far from the price of a Nook reader or Kindle. 😉

[PRESS RELEASE via Electronista, Winarco]

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