Mobile Tail Stand Concept By Korean Designers


Korean Designers Sangwoo Park and Jongwon Park has come up with a rather interesting (and cute) concept for iPhone stand. It’s a tail shaped stand that equipped with suction cup at the other end to stick to the phone’s flat surface and it could let the phone stand on both landscape and portrait position.


This mobile tail stand is made of flexible silicone material, the suction plate is polished and the tail is coated with matt surface. The material is non-reactive, high-purity material and it could be uses on any flat backplate phones. Other interesting thing is the packaging box. It looks like a mouse tail exposed from the tiny hole that looks rather cute and dirty (if you dislike rats, of course).


Sadly, this Mobile Tail is just a concept at the moment. No idea if the designer is capable of pushing their concept to the product stage or not.

[via YankoDesign]

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