New webOS 2.0 Devices Spotted Including Tablet and Smartphones

Palm Pre 2, the first webOS 2.0 device which was official released last month was just the beginning for HP to expand their Palm in their new webOS 2.0 environment. Continuing their journey, recently we have spotted another five new webOS 2.0 devices in the wild, offering not just the smartphones variants, it’s also offering a new tablet Device.


What’s more interesting is how the company code their name. It’s been reported that the webOS 2.0 devices are going to get names like Stingray, Broadway, Manta ray, Windsor and Roadrunner. It looks like a set of cool name for a gadgets, but the full press release is not yet released regarding this matter. We’ll get you posted on this topic.

[via MobileCrunch]

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