Samsung Sales Target: Sold 40 Million Smartphones By 2011


Samsung has made a great and ambitious sales target for next year, where they’re aiming to sell more than 40 millions of smartphones by 2011 next year. Although 40 millions smartphones might sounds HUGE for us, however, when we are considering Samsung as the a HUGE companion and their top notches of smartphones offering, reaching 40 millions mark might just take 4-6 months. Their target on 2010 has already set on 20 millions smartphones by the end of 2010, which is just a month away from accomplishing their goal. If they can keep manufacturing quality smartphones offering with their Super AMOLED display, there might be a avalanche effect for their sales record.

Also, there is no statement from Samsung yet, but it seems they’re going to include the sales of their Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet to the finaly counting which might just pass through their sales target since the tablet is so popular right now. However, rumor remains a rumor. We just hope Samsung can keep cranking out new extraordinary gadgets to fulfill our neverending demands.

[via GadgetVenue]

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