Hasbro My3D Viewer: Turn iPod Touch and iPhone Into A 3D Device

What do you think of a 3D iPhone and iPod Touch? If that sounds great for you, Hasbro my3D is going to be your next gadget that you should drop it into your shopping list.


HasBro My3D is a new gadget that could add 3D capabilities to your existing Apple’s iOS device (preferable: iPhone and iPod Touch) without the need to add custom display or modification on your iOS device.

Hasbro my3D is coming with one unique 3D apps (available in both free and paid version) that will turn images into 3D images and viewable via the my3D viewer/goggle. The 3D contents that are viewable on the My3D apps including those from Discovery Channel, IMAX, Dreamworks Animation, Sony and Apple.

Those contents are not limited to images only. It’s also include 3D Games, short movie clips in 3D, and any other compatible apps. To bad, Hasbro my3D viewer won’t be available immediate in 2010. You’ll have to wait for next Spring on 2011 for this $30 bucks device.

[Yahoo via TechChee, DVICE]

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