Sony PS3 To OutSell Xbox 360 In 2012 WorldWide [Exclude U.S.]


Yep, It seems Sony PlayStation 3 is going to outsell Xbox 360 in the next 2 years on the global stage if there is no new marketing strategy to push Xbox 360 sales. The statement was released by Jesse Divnich, one of EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design and Research) analyst.

Divnich predicted that if things goes smooth for Sony, their console will be able to outsell Microsoft Xbox 360 in the end of 2012. Well it seems like a great news for Sony, but on the different side of the coin, this news is a threat for Microsoft and they might just need to overhaul their global marketing strategy market Xbox 360 so they can keep up and increase their sales volume.

Of course, Xbox 360 is still the best seller console in the United States. Divnich has stated that:

“Worldwide, Sony will eventually take the lead from Microsoft, likely by the end of 2012… North America is a tougher challenge, and as we have seen lately, Microsoft’s lead is widening… I don’t know if the PS3 will ever overtake the Xbox 360 in North America. Maybe 2014? 2016? We do know the PS3 has incredible long-term value as a Blu-ray player, much like the PlayStation 2 did as a DVD player. But with strong competition coming from the digital front, one has to wonder if the PS3 will receive long retail legs like its predecessor did.”

Which means Sony still have to work harder to beat the competition in US market. However, Sony has really started to outselling Xbox 360 in the worldwide stage (excluding US), where according to VGChartz, for this year alone, Sony has sold 8,915,135 units of PS3 console, while there are only 7,551,238 units sold for Microsoft Xbox 360. Even the total of sales record Sony is still lower than Xbox 360, the record has showing a positive result for Sony.

Especially now Sony has Move controller that featuring 1:1 motion controlling. We still have no idea if the lagged Kinect can really push the console sales volume up or not because of the requirement or large playing area and the some sort of risk level of Kinect. But it would be an interesting competition to see how these consoles slapping each others and who will be the winner of the fight in the end.

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