D-Link Boxee Box Teardown by iFixit

The teardown boss iFixit has finally got themselves in the lab tearing down the new streaming device Boxee Box.


If you happen to pre-order one of this Boxee Box, very soon the device should be arriving at your foot step. If you ever wonder what’s hiding inside the box but don’t want to tear it down yourself (reason: afraid of voiding the warranty), let’s iFixit article giving what you need.

After dismantled the Boxee Box, iFixit crews found out that Boxee Box is much like a mini PC with limited component installed. They’ve found an Intel CE4110 CPU, 1GB RAM, 1GB flash memory and a digital-to-analog converter component fit inside the glossy small box.


Check out more of the gallery at iFixit.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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