Hanvon Triton The Color E-Ink Display Released!

So it appear Hanvon is really taking its move to conquer and be the first company in the world to use the color e-ink display on their latest ebook reader. Through the cooperation with E-Ink Triton, they’ve just launched a nice looking ebook reader that has the Triton display embedded.


Based on what we have heard so far, this Hanvon Triton e-ink color display is now available for pre-order in China in two different models, which are the WiFi-Only and WiFi + 3G model. Both will cost $528 and $574, respectively, and the shipping will begin on February 2011 next year.

This Hanvon Triton is equally big as an A4 paper, fully packed with 9.7-inch Triton E-ink color display with touchscreen functionality. This is really all about the combination of Kindle + Nook Color in one solid ebook reader.


Since it’s a color ebook reader, lots of people was thinking that Hanvon is trying to share some cake with iPad, too. However, Hanvon has clearly stated that they are not going to compete with iPad since it’s a different gadget from the start. Instead, it’s going to compete with the world’s level ebook readers like Kindle or Nook.

However, both Amazon and Barnes&Noble should be able to take some lighter breath since Hanvon haven’t aiming to enter the US market for now.

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