Sprint ZTE PEEL Case Adding 3G To iPod Touch

Here is a great news for the iPod Touch owner that want to use their iPod Touch for online access when there is no WiFi hotspot. Via Sprint’s latest ZTE PEEL Case, iPod Touch user can now go online via 3G connectivity on Sprint network.


The ZTE PEEL Case will act as a mobile WiFi Hotspot that would compatible with both iPod Touch 2G and 3G. The device can pair up with two devices, which mean other than letting your iPod Touch stay connected, you can also hook up your laptop for browsing.

Sprint offering ZTE PEEL case for $79.99 and you’ll tied with the $29.99 monthly service plan that has the quota of 1GB 3G Data download via Sprint’s network.

[via Technabob, TechLand]

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