Zowie Gear Gearing Up Their Celeritas Gaming Keyboard


After teaming up with professional gamers, Zowie Gear has created a brand new gaming keyboard that allow gamers to enhance the keyboard functionality by pressing a certain keys on the keyboard. By the standard, Zowie Gear Celeritas is the keyboard with fastest response-time of all mechanical keyboard on the market. By using their Zowie RTR (Real Time Response) technology, gamers can freely adjust (increase or decrease) the repeat-response of key presses.


“When playing Counter-Strike, the ability to move smoothly is as important as aim”, says Abdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed and continues, “with the ZOWIE CELERITAS I can perform complicated maneuvers such as duckjump without failing. I play with 8x responsiveness and it works very well.”

“The keyboard is a vital piece of equipment, especially for Starcraft. It needs to be very durable and responsive, as you need to reach a higher APM in this type of game than any other games”, says Young Ho ‘Flash’ Lee and continues, “I have been using the ZOWIE CELERITAS for about 4 months and the RTR technology has allowed me to improve my APM. I suggested to make the left windows key function as ctrl and I am happy to see that ZOWIE has listened. This will help many gamers to avoid annoying mistakes.”

“The keyboard is the most important piece of equipment for KartRider because we need a sensitive keyboard in order to perform swift and precise angle-driving. With the ZOWIE CELERITAS RTR technology I am only limited by my own reactions,” says Ho Jun “Ho-Jun” Moon and continues, “after trying the ZOWIE CELERITAS for the first time, I didn’t want to change again. It just felt like the perfect keyboard for me, and I won my 6th championship title after only 3 days of practice with the keyboard.”


To ensure the best durability and tactile feedback, Zowie Gear Celeritas gaming keyboard has 18K gold-plated brown mechanical switches and nylon key caps. Other features also include 6-key anti-ghosting, multimedia controls, a metal inner chassis and 1.8m / 5.8ft long USB cable.

This Zowie Celeritas is going to hit the market on December 2010 for the price of 119,90 EUR.

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