Wallee iPad Case – The Wall Mount Case for iPad

If you are interested to wall mount your iPad in the easiest way, you should check out this Wallee iPad Case.


This £39.99 case will not only protect your iPad from knocks, scratches and bumps, it also providing a mounting spot that you can mount to provided backplate and X-mount on the wall without too much hassles.


Your iPad is a thing of astounding elegance and beauty. In fact it’s so cool it deserves to be wall mounted. That way, as well as admiring it like the gadget-obsessed geek you are, you can use it for a whole range of practical tasks around the home. For this reason and many more, you need the Wallee iPad Case.

Simply click your iPad into this glossy hard shell case and screw its accompanying backplate and interlocking X mount to the wall. Once that’s done you can click ‘n’ lock your iPad onto the unobtrusive mount, in portrait or landscape position, whenever you fancy. Good, eh!

Here is the video on how to install the Wallee iPad case. It’s just few minutes of works.

This Wallee iPad Case for wall mount is yours for £39.99 only (with free delivery) at Firebox.

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