i3DG Enables 3D Content on iPhone

A new accessory from i3DG (i3DG Palm top theatre addon) will add the long waited 3D capability to your iPhone. The addon will automatically converts 3D images into 3D by using some kind of mirror tricks. All you have to do is to inser the iPhone into the addon in portrait mode, and the addon will take the image out of the iPhone in 3D style. Check out the following video if you want the details:


It certainly looks interesting, and this i3DG addon has already won a honorary mention at Ars Electronica Festival 2010. However, even though this i3DG device supports a wide range of different applications, but it seems this addon won’t let you run application on landcape mode (the position for the addon is locked on the portrait mode.

But at least Jitsuro Mase (the creator) has gave us the idea that iPhone could be 3-dimension-ized by using a simple mirror trick addon. It has unlocked the possibility to develop new addon like this with more advanced features where iPhone users can enjoy.

[via TiPb]

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