Password Memory Keeper Because Forgetting Password Is Dangerous

password-memory-keeperYou will need this Password Memory Keeper if you are the type that ‘love’ to forget password set for your important account (Bank login, laptop login, paypal, Blogs, etc.). No matter how smart you are in remembering password, there is a change in our life that our brain will mess up. To eliminate the risk of forgetting important login/password details, something like this Password Memory Keeper will come in handy.

Of course, you may say that we can use cell phone/smartphones to record our password. But Cell phone is a gadget that could be lost easily since we use it a lot in cafe, restaurant, leisure park, waiting room, anywhere. Unlike a dedicated gadget that is used for storage password. It’s only usable when we try to look up a forgotten password. So, there is a big chance that the device will stay secure on our pocket.

This Password Memory keeper could store up to 50 important usernames, PIN Numbers and passwords. It can be purchased from Frontgate for $29.50 only. Quite a cheap investment for storing your important information.

However, there is no mention that the password memory keeper has some sort of security lock to secure it from naughty hands. If you decide to get one, you should really not place in randomly on your work desk to prevent unwanted experience. :)

[via Coolest Gadgets]

Additionally, you can choose to have a secure password organizer (compare price) instead.

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