iXtremer Media Player To Streams iOS Devices Content To Your HDTV

This new gadget would be wonderful for iOS devices lover that has all of the collection including iPod, iPhone and iPad. This hardware is called iXtreamer Media Player, which is a new player that could stream all of your iOS devices’ content direct to your big screen HDTV for a better viewing purpose.


iXtreamer media player also has been equipped with a large 3TB storage that let your store data form iPhone or iPad, and it has a special dock station for the device. Once docked, iXtreamer Media player will start charging as necessary, while user can start accessing/navigating their iPhone or iPad content directly on their HDTV (using custom built-in UI) after hooking up with numbers of different connections on the rear side of iXtreamer Media Player. These included HDMI, Component, composite, USB, LAN port and more.

There is also a news that iXtreamer is currently looking for ways to let users accessing their Apps and games and showing the content directly on the HDTV.

[via TiPb]

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