Angry Pigs Or Mad Pigs? They Are Trying To Attack Angry Birds In New Sequel!

The Angry Birds game for mobile phone (and also coming to console system soon) is so popular that the original sequel and Halloween sequel is not enough for the fans.


Rovio Mobile has released a rumor that in the newer sequel of the Angry Birds game, the Pigs will be the one who lead the attack now. The new game sequel will be played from the pigs’ point of view, where they look at the birds as the enemy that need to be blasted and eliminated.

It sounds fun to see how those birds get blasted away by pigs, and I’m curious about what’s the pigs’ weapons. Will they use their head like the birds, or using their butt to attack! :)

Along with the news of new sequel, we’ve also come to know that the Angry Birds game will get multiplayer component added to the game. But we’ve to wait for the official announcement before raising more unnecessary speculations.

[via Ubergizmo]

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