Onlive Microconsole – The Cloud Gaming System Is Coming On December 2nd, For $99 Only

Onlive is a new gaming console that has nothing but a little black box for hooking up to your HDTV and Internet connection (via wired LAN connectivity) and wireless controller that looks pretty similar to a third party PS3 controller.


It has HDMI output, two USB 2.0 ports that support modern PC keyboards or mice and the onlive controller have playback buttons and one-touch Brag Clip video recording button.

What’s great on this Onlive Game System is the capability to access to the special cloud system on the net and play any games store on the network without the need to buy a physical disc games. Of course, gamers will have to pay some sort of access cost like Xbox Live, and perhaps there will be a monthly or yearly plan.


Another beautiful features of Onlive microconsole is if you have no TV by your side, you can also turn your PC or Mac into your private cloud gaming machine using this Onlive system.

It sounds pretty good, and the console is $99 only. The only requirement that sounds pretty high is the internet connection. You’ll have get at least a 3Mbps broadband connection if you want to play without laggy experience with Onlive on screen size that is smaller than 30-inch.

Well, If you are interested to know more, you can go to the official site for the specification and pre-order details. It should be shipping on December 2nd.

[Onlive via UberGizmo]

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