Microsoft Kinect: Hacked To Detect BroomStick As Lightsaber!


Kinect is obviously a great tech built by Microsoft. This toy can just do anything if landed on a proper developer/hacker because of the high specification and technology. Recently, a rom hacker named Yankeyan has successfully to command his Kinect to detect a wooden broomstick as the shiny cut-through-anything lightsaber with his own hacks and coding. That’s simply amazing!

Here is the demo video of Kinect detecting broomstick as a lightsaber.

Now we only need to wait for the Kinect-compatible Star Wars game on this 2011 for the show. There is no need to buy any accessories anymore since your old broomstick could make a great use now. :)

Just make sure you don’t slash your TV and Kinect into half just because you are too excited playing the game. That would be lame. 😀

[via DVICE]

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