JellyFish Lamp With Touch-Sensitive Panel


I’ve never seen anything like this JellyFish Lamp yet. This beautiful JellyFish lamp is inspired by the rounded transparent skin, and it’s filled with an amazing color light show that could be tuned by the front touch-panel.

You can cycle through the colors, and brightening up or dimming out the lamp by your finger gestures. It’s very cool for night decoration, and it would make a great Christmas gift!

The dome shape looks like a jellyfish’s body, while the lamp’s glow, while reminiscent of bioluminescence, doesn’t use the jelly’s process of oxidation of luciferin. It’s actually way cooler.

JellyFish Lamp is capable of rendering every color imaginable in the RGB spectrum, this lamp’s got a touch-sensitive panel. Touch the panel to turn it on, swipe left to bring up the color wheel, swipe up to “throw” the color into the lamp’s body. Swipe up and down to brighten or darken the color, or double-tap to start cycling through.


Jellyfish Touch Lamp is yours for $79.99 only at Thinkgeek.

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