Rumor: Sony PSP 2 Phone Coming On December 9th

If Sony want to surprise the market with their new gaming console + Ericsson phone mix, then you’ll see the PSP 2 or Sony Ericsson PSP Phone launched on this December 9th, which is the day where Sony tipped for an official announcement for their new Sony Ericsson Product.


However, it’s just a rumor that you can’t take it seriously. The Sony PSP phone has been confirmed of its existence, but there is no words yet if that phone is the PSP 2 that we are talking about.

According to the past rumors, Sony Ericsson PSP phone will be running on Google Android OS, so it’s pretty much a different platform with the current PSP system. Will the phone dual boot with Android and the Z-system? Or the Android OS will get some type of emulator to run PSP games? Or PSP 2 and PSP Phone is two different gadget that has no relation at all?! No one know what’s cooking in Sony’s kitchen yet.

[via MobileCrunch]

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