DARwIn-OP Robot: The DIY Open Source Robot

If you are interested in creating a mini robot and you have the fund to spend, you might want to check out this DARwIn-OP Robot.


It’s an open-source Robot that all of the required files (CAD files) has been made available to anyone that want to build the robot shown in the picture above.

The image of this DARwIn-OP was provided by RoboSavvy forum, showing you the end result of this OP project.

The fund needed for creating this robot is about $8,000 USD, which is about the half of creating a NAO robot. Expect to see more photos and video on this DIY Robot project later on December.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Hi there !

    Just a quick note to tell private programmers that they can now take part to the Nao development.

    Have a look here : http://www.ognacgnouc.com

    Hurry up, there is only 200 units available !

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