BendDesk: MultiTouch Workspace On A Bent Surface Display


Guys from Media Computing Group has created an interesting multi-touch wordspace called BendDesk. The touchscreen surface is consist of one large display with bend/curved at the middle of the screen, where it’s put in a condition like a dual screen laptop such as Toshiba Libretto or Acer Iconia with no slipping screen. BendDesk is one big screen that you can drag images from one screen to another easily (no obstacle), and playing games that could be using the entire screen for the battle. Watch the following video for more details:

BendDesk was created with the help of two projectors, thre cameras and IR lights that could track up to 10 points (10 fingers touches). Though it’s weird why don’t they use the flexible AMOLED screen instead, BendDesk is still a revolutionary prototype design. There is no details yet on when this BendDesk could make to the production. Perhaps we should wait for awhile for this BendDesk to finalizing, or suppose Samsung would created something like this with their flexible AMOLED display.

[via BGR]

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