Wax-On Printer Concept: Future Printing With Solid Wax As The Ink


If you are looking at a futuristic printer that won’t use too much space on your desk, then you can take a look at what Faris Elmasu has in mind. Faris designed this so called Wax printer Wax-On that will not used to much space on your desk, while it can still handle all of the printing task you throw on the machine.


According to Faris, this Wax-on printer is using some kind of new technology that turn wax into an ink that could be printed on a paper. It looks pretty cool since there is no more liquid ink usage, which also mean there will be no ink leakage again to make your white work cloth ‘colorful’ when failure or trying to replace the ink.


[YankoDesign via TheCoolGadgets]

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