Microsoft Sold Over 2.5 Millions Of Kinect Hardware

After 25 days from their first launch day, Microsoft has sold over 2.5 millions of Kinect Hardware. It was announced from the day one that Microsoft has sold 1 million unit, so after 25 days they’ve collected another 1.5 millions of sales which sum up to 2.5 million Kinect sold.


It’s really a great sales record when comparing to PlayStation Move. Microsoft is targeting to sell 5 millions of Kinect device by the end of 2010, which sounds like an easy goal for them.

Remember, unlike PlayStation Move that could have more than one controller per console, Xbox 360’s Kinect can only have 1 unit per console. It’s pretty common for Kinect’s competitor to sell more especially when PS Move launched earlier on September 2010.

However, both accessories have proved to be a popular addons for gamers, and it’s interesting to see if they can smash Wii’s popularity to the ground or not.

[via PCMag]

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