Toshiba To Mass Produce Battery Powered HDTV For Southeast Asians

Toshiba, being one of the leading manufacturer in Southeast Asia has decided to release their new Power TV series that could be powered by rechargeable battery.


Yes, you are not reading it wrong. Since we’ve already got a battery powered car, it’s pretty common to have a battery powered HDTV as well. Toshiba has announced that they will be rolling out its battery powered TV in the Southeast Asia region to the countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The purpose of this Battery Powere HDTV is for emergency usage, where users can still watch the news when in the blackout condition on typhoon seasons.


This Toshiba Regza Battery powered HDTV should be able to provide up to 2 hours of TV watching time before it need another charge to the power outlet. It’s available in 24-inch (PB1), 32-inch (PC1) and 40-inch (PS1) with price range between $190 to $400.

No info yet on the full specification details and when Toshiba will ship to those countries.

[via TheCoolGadgets, TechFresh, AkihabaraNews]

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