Clearwire Clear Modem with WiFi: 4G Connection Sharing Made Easy


If you are a geek, then setting up a wireless network connection will be a breeze. However, not everyone is a geek. Lots of newbies out there are ‘innocence’ to this sort of setting up thingy and all things looks so ‘rocket science’ for them.

However, things are going to be easier starting today because Clearwire has released their new Clear Modem with built-in WiFi that even newbies can setting up just fine with step-by-step instruction.

This Clearwire’s Clear Modem with WiFi is capable of supporting 4G Wireless broadband connectivity and it has integrated WiFi-N rourter. This Clearwire’s Clear Modem is good for speeds up to 3-6 Mbps and capable of bursts up to 10Mbps. This modem is compatible on both Windows, Mac and Linux. You can get it for $120 or rent it for $7/month with $35 monthly service charge.

[ClearWire via Geeky Gadgets]

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