DIY: USB Charger Powered By Your Breath-Cycle


None of us has thought that even breathing regularly can generate new eco-power by using a simple DIY device, but the creator of this breath-powered USB charger did thought so. He has managed to create a simple but useful USB charger and strap it to his chest, and when breathing in, the device will harvest small amount of energy (about 50mW) with the help of a belt that will pull and spin the gears in the device.

The energy generated by this device might not sufficient for recharging a cell phone, but it could be improved in the future. Perhaps in the next decade, we can buy an energy generator torso for recharging our cell phone on-the-go. Plus, if they can add up the Solar recharging and kinetic technology to generate more powere, future’s mobile people can enjoy their outdoor activities as much as they like without worrying about energy problem for their gadgets.

[via HackADay]

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