LUXEED Crossover U7: The Crossover Keyboard


If I’m correct, last time I saw the Luxeed glowing keyboard was 2008. The company sure has took their time to create their next flagship keyboard as they’ve now entered the market with the new LUXEED keyboard codenamed Crossover U7.

Crossover U7 has an unique function that mixed raMa and U5 (previous generation keyboard) and puts it all in one keyboard. The functionality even let users to switch between Plug & Play function or Software Control Method freely, and you get the option to save unlimited number of ColorSkins and Share with other LUXEED keyboard users.


Even better, LUXEED Crossover U7 keyboard has the ability to set the illumination brighness, has integrated multimedia keys and any other functionality that you can find on the previous generation.

If you have spare cash to spend, you can get Luxeed U7 Crossover keyboard for $99.95.

[via Chipchick]

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