Google Nexus S: Coming With Super Clear LCD Display For Russia Market

According to Matthew at GadgetVenue, Google has announced that their latest smartphone which has known as Nexus S is going to get a Super Clear LCD Display for Russia market (and some countries in Europe), instead of the default Super AMOLED display.


This Gingerbread powered smartphone is going to be available soon in US on December 16th, followed by UK on December 20th with Super AMOLED display edition. There is no details yet when the Super Clear LCD display model will hit the countries in Europe including Russia, but it’s has been confirmed that those countries won’t be able to enjoy the magic of Super AMOLED display yet. Reason? Perhaps it’s due to the shortage of AMOLED displays. It seems Samsung still unable to troubleshoot this problem which they have faced previously on their Samsung Galaxy S smartphones release.

[via GadgetVenue]

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