Interesting Hollow/Faceless Watch With Digital Clock Hands

A Chinese-born German-based designer Yiran Qian has created an interesting digital watch with a big hollow in the middle of the watch. The big hole serve nothing but showing what’s this watch all about: The Faceless Watch!


In exchange for the time reading functionality, you can find there is a LED-like digital clock hands at the outer side of the hollow ring. There is one short, and the other long. Nothing rocket science here. The watch above both showing us 01:20, which is kind of easy to tell if you’ve accustomed to the positions.

If you dislike the hollow face, you can actually find ways to stick your photo there manually. :)

Sadly, this cool watch is still a concept at the moment. However, Yiran Qian has prepare the name for retail version of this watch which will be called “Eye of The Storm” if someone decide to pick it up and manufacture it.

[via DVICE]

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