Meaningful Hand-Shaped Cursor Fridge Magnets

If you think sticking notes on your fridge with the rounded fridge magnet or even using that cool looking iPhone Apps fridge magnet looks kinda old-fashioned for you, why don’t you try this fun and meaningful hand-shaped cursor fridge magnets instead?


There are 12 high quality print of pixel cursor hand fridge magnet available for you in one pack. Those has included the rude symbol of the middle finger, finger cross symbol for devilish purpose, Star Trek “V” Vulcan symbol, thumbs up/downs and more.


It’s simple yet innovative fridge magnets and it’s suitable to left message with emotions, like this one:


If you are interested, this Cursor hand Fridge Magnets are available in set of 12 for $14.99 at Meninos.

[LikeCool via TheCoolGadgets]

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