Rumor: iPad 2 Coming In February 2011


Bunch of rumors has been set for iPad 2nd Generation, but none of them got the real confirmation from Apple yet. The latest rumor/speculation that we have heard is that iPad 2 is going to hit Apple Store in February 2011. Even it’s rumor, it looks like the day is coming close for Apple to reveal their ultimate tablet. Apple’s January 2011 keynote event will tell us the truth behind all of the speculations out there.

Let’s hope those rumor is not just nonsenses that spread like wildfire amount the fans. Especially when we’ve heard that iPad 2 will get front-facing camera for FaceTime support, as well as better Retina display to fight on Pixel Qi display. Those certainly are features that we’ve been waiting for.

[via TechChee and Coated]

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