Octave External Hard Drive Concept Design


Sequoia-studio has created a nice looking external hard drive concept for LaCie called Octave. Octave external hard drive concept is and art. It has a beautiful yet simple and airy architecture, which looks like a low chair for sitting on the ground. On the first look, Octave concept has the look of Uboard for iMac, but LaCie Octave is having a better design with glossy surface, and I doubt you can place anything heavy above the surface.

This external hard drive is going to feature a thin black anodized aluminum grid for ventilation, a polished perforated aluminum plate to keeps hard drive silent and cool, and it also featured a lacquered white coat, slip resistant rubber pads and a power button at the right side.


Octave is just a concept at the moment, but such an unique external hard drive might be interesting for the market.

[via YankoDesign]

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