Barnes And Noble Nook Color: 18,000 Units Created On Each Day!

barnes-noble-makes-18000-nook-color-dailyEven the alternative is a lot and the economy is bad, it seems Barnes and Noble is not affected at all. After their release of the new Nook Color, it’s been reported by the Chairman Len Riggio that they are currently making up to 18,000 units of Nook Color each day!

Riggio forecasts that 2011 will be the turning point for consumer to buy tablet or ebook reader instead of netbook or laptop. That’s why they’ve to make sure their stock is enough for the demand starting from this Holidays season.

They are anticipating to sell about 500,000 Nook Color during this holidays, it’s a serious goal that they have to fully prepared with enough stock left in their inventory to prevent shortage problem.

Especially on this year and next (2011), the demand will be rising sharp, but the chairman believes afterward on 2012 those demand will flat line and might go down to the floor on the worst scenario.

The reason might be tablet PC will be the strongest rival to ebook reader, where the performance are getting better and battery life is getting longer. There should be a turning point sometime in the future (one or two years later) where no one else would like to get an ebook reader anymore.

[via GadgetVenue]

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